hella-hannah said: Hi! I love your blog!!!! I am going to be a freshman in college this year, amd I'm super excited/nervous/anxious. I am going to a school where it snows, and I saw your snow boots in the picture of your breakdown and was wondering where you got them/which brand they are. Thank you for the help!

Hi! I think you may be referring to my bean boots? I got them from LLBean!  They are great for the winter and I got so much use out of mine! 

she-is-quick-and-curious said: opinion on Birkenstocks?

I don’t own a pair and I’m not particularly against them! I think they’re probably really comfy and with the right style really cute! 

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seekingotherlands said: Oh! P.S. I just started following, love your blog! (: I live in NYC and saw you visited recently, I hope you enjoyed it ^_^

Ahh that’s so sweet! Yes I absolutely LOVE the city! Hopefully I’ll be back up there soon! xoxo

seekingotherlands said: I see that you've monogrammed all of your things with SHP is H your last or middle initial? I literally see people monogramming so many different ways, but I feel like maybe there is a standard way.

Yes H is my last name! Typically with a monogram the order is first, last, middle and with initials it’s first middle last. So my monogram is sHp while my initials are SPH. Hope this helps! 😊

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aclassyandsassygirl said: I am going on a beach vacation for 10 days. Should I bring my flat iron or curling iron ( I use them equally)?

Ahhh that’s so hard! I would bring which ever one is faster for you to use. Most of the time at the beach my hair is completely crazy and I just embrace wavy (ie. frizzy) beach hair. After a long day at the beach I would probably use whichever one is ultimately faster (or you can always bring both so you have options!). 

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Trying to get in a little work before work #TGIF

Anonymous said: I'm obsessed with your tumblr, blog, and you!! You take the best pictures and I adore your wardrobe

Aww thank you! That is so sweet! 😊

sratplease said: Hi! Where'd you get your 'write' notebook? I love it!

I got it from TJ Maxx! :)

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