Throwback to parents weekend last year! I can’t wait to see my family in just about a week and a half! 💕 (at www.prepavenue.com)

poppy-friend said: actually obsessed w/ ur blog wow

Aww thank you!! :)

Anonymous said: Hi! Any tips on staying on top of school work and getting good grades in college?

Use a planner, schedule your time, reward yourself with small breaks when you finish something, and I suggest find a study place on campus where you won’t get distracted and you can focus!

liamsqueen said: Hi! I saw your post of your dorm room this year (which is super cute) and was wondering where you got the white shelving to put on your desk? Thanks!

I got it from the container store! 

Short weekend trip to Michigan! Super excited to get away even if it’s only for a few days! (at www.prepavenue.com)
Short weekend trip to Michigan! Super excited to get away even if it’s only for a few days! (at www.prepavenue.com)
Navy stripes are always my go-to. New outfit post on the blog today! To see where everything is from make sure to check it out!  (at www.prepavenue.com)
Livin’ that library life 📚 (at www.prepavenue.com)
Busy, busy day and a late night ahead! Is it really only Tuesday?  (at www.prepavenue.com)
I wear this scalloped @vineyardvines shirt wayyyy too often #sorrynotsorry (at www.prepavenue.com)

Anonymous said: could you please post a picture of your freshman year dorm with your lilly duvet cover?

Here is my post about my dorm room last year!  :)

Anonymous said: What is your typical college homework load per night? I'm just curious because I am only in middle school yet I come home and do 4+ hours of school work. Love you and you work!

I think it totally depends on the college and what your courses are but I probably spend around 7-8 hours a night studying and doing homework! On the weekend I usually spend more trying to get ahead for the upcoming week. It’s really important to learn how to balance your time and I find it really helpful to use a planner! Good luck with school and keep working hard, it really does pay off :) 

home-of-the-preps said: Hi! I absolutely love your blog and how everything is super cute and organized. Can you tell me how you manage to get so many monogrammed stickers in different styles and sizes?

I get mine from a local shop at home called swagger! I would check out etsy though, they have tons

Anonymous said: How did you do your pink headboard in college with a standard wooden bed?

I used insulation board from lowes and then cut out the design with a razor blade and covered it with batting and fabric held down with staples and tacs! 

prephard-prepoften said: where did you get the bedding in your dorm room?

PB Teen! :)