Make sure to enter the giveaway on my blog to win 3 of the prints @historyinhighheels and I designed together for my dorm! (Not including the Nantucket print!) Hurry, the giveaway ends Friday!! πŸ’• (at www.prepavenue.com)

Anonymous said: How would you define the perfect preppy girl? Love u

I would say someone with a timeless, classic style, who is not afraid to wear color! :)

Anonymous said: Where do you get things monogrammed? Such as your backpack as mentioned in your blog post

I got my backpack monogrammed at a local embroidery shop! And as for stickers I suggest looking on Etsy!Β :)

sweetteadreaming said: Where did you get that adorable scalloped bag?

I got it from ASOS!Β Β xoxo

Anonymous said: sophomore in high school or college?


TGIF πŸ’• (at www.prepavenue.com)
First day of classes as a sophomore is complete! What else would I wear other than a shirt with a big bow on it to celebrate? πŸŽ€ (at www.prepavenue.com)
My go-to necklace πŸŽ€ (at www.prepavenue.com)
Prepping for sophomore year! Still getting organized but pictures to come very soon!!  (at www.prepavenue.com)

Anonymous said: Hey! I love your blog so much and it has inspired me to look into creating my own blog! I was wondering if you had any tips or tricks about starting a blog and getting your name out there! Thanks!

I would suggest making sure you are doing it because you really love it and it’s something you’re passionate about. I would also suggest trying to post regularly and consistently and making sure that you’re being completely yourself on your blog! Social media helps a lot getting your name out there, I really love pinterest and instagram!Β 

Anonymous said: Are you going to do a dorm room post this year once you get settled? anxiously waiting!!!

Yes! Check back on the blog on Wednesday and I’ll be posting one on instagram probably in the next day or two so be sure to follow! ;)

Anonymous said: Hi! I saw on a post that your macbook is monogrammed beside the keyboard! (correct me if I'm wrong). I have a 13 inch macbook and i was wondering what size computer you have and why sized monogram it is because I'm looking into ordering one off of easy and i don't know what size to buy! Thanks and keep doing what your doing because i am totally captivated by your blog, instagram, and tumblr!

Hi! I do have a 13” macbook! My monogram next to my mousepad is a 3 inch square monogram! Hope this helps!

Anonymous said: what backpacks do you recommend for high school?

Hi! I recently did a post about there! Check it out! xoxo

Dreaming about this perfect @lillypulitzer dress tonight πŸ’• (at www.prepavenue.com)
Well of course I brought my @katespadeny book to college πŸŽ€ (at www.prepavenue.com)