Well of course I brought my @katespadeny book to college πŸŽ€ (at www.prepavenue.com)
Unpacking my dorm today and stumbled across my favorite sparkly stationary! Dare to explore!  (at www.prepavenue.com)
Doing some last minute packing before I head off to my sophomore year tomorrow! Both cars may or may not already be full and I haven’t even gotten to my closet yet…..uh oh #prayforshan (at www.prepavenue.com)
Sneak peek of a super fun project I did with @historyinhighheels ! I can’t wait to move into my dorm and show you the rest!!  (at www.prepavenue.com)
Just a girl and her tote! πŸ‘œ (at www.prepavenue.com)
Dreaming about my future apartment and currently swooning over these fabulous pillows at @palmavenueraleigh !  (at www.prepavenue.com)

Anonymous said: What are your favorite school/office supplies (like the ones in the most recent post) and where are they from. I just got my lilly planner for the year and other school supplies but I'm always looking for new cute ones! :-) BTW... I love your blog, tumblr, and instagram so much and i check them every day!

That is so sweet! Thank you so much for you support! The supplies in my instagram are from multiple places. The planner is by Whitney English, The tape and stapler are from Rachel George, the polka dot binder is from Target and the striped notepad is Kate Spade! I been finding some really cute school supplies recently at TJ Maxx and Design Darling has some super cute options too (1 | 2 | 3) ! I love these Rachel George notebooks too! Hope this helps! :)

Anonymous said: is the scalloped shirt from the post earlier today (i think it was from today. you were wearing pink pants) from vineyard vines? also what are your favorite stores to shop at when your on a budget.

Yes it is from Vineyard Vines! I love thrifting and I think you can find some awesome deals there! I would also suggest checking out old navy, they’ve had some greatΒ products lately! I love these shorts, this dress, and these pants are adorable and super affordable! I would also check J. Crew Factory sometimes you can get some great steals there too!Β 

Anonymous said: How many times have you visited NYC and for what were reasonings for the trips?

I’ve visited New York many different times and for all different reasons! I have some family that lives in the city as well so we go to visit them too!Β 

Planning and organizing on a Friday night because what else would I spend my Friday doing  (at www.prepavenue.com)
Brunching with the oh so fabulous @maggieroyce ! πŸ’• (at www.prepavenue.com)

allyhoward7 said: Where did you get that scalloped shirt from?

Vineyard vines! :)

Dorm room sneak peak!! (at www.prepavenue.com)
Scalloped is always the way to go  (at www.prepavenue.com)
So sad to be finishing my internship at @moonandlola and leaving such an amazing group of ladies today! Thanks for making it a fantastic summer! πŸ’•πŸ˜˜ #moonandlola (at www.prepavenue.com)