Can’t stop obsessing over my new @shoprachelgeorge desk accessories! I can’t wait to add them to my desk at school!  (at www.prepavenue.com)
#tbt to the time I spilled ice cream all over my @katespadeny keds and @tm_studios captured it perfectly! #thankgoodnessforstainremovers (at www.prepavenue.com)
Had so much fun visiting the @furbishstuido! Everything was gorgeous! It made me long for the I have my own apartment to decorate!  (at www.prepavenue.com)

manhattanprepster said: Is your desk monogrammed? Do you have any full pictures of it? It's so cute, as is your blog!

Yes, it is monogrammed! I did a whole post about it here and I also instagrammed a picture of it a while back! :)

High on summertime!  (at www.prepavenue.com)

Anonymous said: I just discovered your website/blog and I love it! You're dorm is also really cute! Anyways just felt like letting you know.. Haha also what are you majoring in? Or do you not know yet

Aw that’s so sweet of you, thanks!! I’m majoring in communications!

styleatacertainage said: Your blog is absolutely adorable! And so are you. I read that as a military child you moved quite a bit. What cities have you lived in? I ask because my husband's career kept my family on the move. My children's favorite places to live were Virginia and Vietnam.

Hi! I’ve gotten to live a variety of places and gotten the opportunity to travel a lot! But I think I’d say my favorite to live was probably Germany!

rococoholloway said: where is your pink "write" notebook from? it's really cute!

I got it from TJ Maxx!

sassashley said: What do you use to take photos? The quality is incredible as well as your style!

That’s so sweet of you! I use either my iPhone or I have a Cannon Rebel T3i!

Nothing sweeter than summertime and spending all day relaxing by the pool 🍩 (at www.prepavenue.com)
Spent the entire day at the beach and laughing with friends! Can summer last just a little longer, pretty please?  (at www.prepavenue.com)
I don’t think God was in on the plan that we were suppose to be sisters but luckily we found our way to each other anyway! Nothing beats having your best friend in town even if it’s for a short trip!  (at www.prepavenue.com)

hella-hannah said: Hi! I love your blog!!!! I am going to be a freshman in college this year, amd I'm super excited/nervous/anxious. I am going to a school where it snows, and I saw your snow boots in the picture of your breakdown and was wondering where you got them/which brand they are. Thank you for the help!

Hi! I think you may be referring to my bean boots? I got them from LLBean!  They are great for the winter and I got so much use out of mine! 

she-is-quick-and-curious said: opinion on Birkenstocks?

I don’t own a pair and I’m not particularly against them! I think they’re probably really comfy and with the right style really cute! 

The sweet life 🍬 (at www.prepavenue.com)